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Field e-Ticketing and e-Invoicing Solutions

The urgent need for more efficient and cost effective electronic invoicing can be met by an integrated Field e-Ticketing and e-Invoicing solution.
With Iliad, you can implement both for the largest savings possible, or focus on only one.

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Imagine your invoices being delivered to the customer before your technicians return.


Reduce DSO

Our Iliad Field e-Ticketing solution eliminates almost all need for paper in order to record data. All data is accessible online or offline, has built in e-signature capability, and allows you to take and store photos of stamped field service tickets.
Reduce your DSO by up to 25% with our solution.

Accelerate Billing

Implementing electronic invoicing allows for a greater cash-flow. Our solutions, when combined, can increase your efficiency, thus accelerating billing and payments and reducing costs of capital and DSO.

Create Visibility

These two solutions allow the ability for efficiency and provides visibility into processes. Apply real-time KPI to strategies to reach all of your business objectives.
Understand where your money is going and how to get it back.

Iliad Field Ops Field Ticketing Software Application

Handling your tickets electronically has never been easier. Transitioning to electronic field ticketing (or eTicketing) web applications saves you time, money, and creates easier workflows within your day to day tasks. Your field technicians can finally focus on their task at hand without having to carry around a ton of documentation.