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Did you know that oil & gas operators are actively discussing the implementation of electronic field ticketing and invoicing to increase efficiency? Some are even giving preferred vendor status to providers with electronic ticketing and invoicing. Don’t get left behind. Let us help you get on board and save money with iliad.

We’ll help you reach your
Operational Efficiency goals by:

– Reducing costs up to $1,000,000/year
-Reducing days sales outstanding by 25%
-Improving billing accuracy up to 98% with our standards based technology


The time is now.

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With Iliad, we’re well positioned to bring the advantages of e-commerce to the oil and natural gas industry and trading partners at a time when the industry is most in need of efficiency gains and operational improvements. We’re actively engaged with operators and suppliers to leverage electronic commerce to create efficiencies, which allow the industry to survive the “lower for longer” oil commodity price scenario. Chris Hebert

CEO, Aristotle's Alexander