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Cost Reduction Datasheet

Find out how we are saving clients $100,000 or more through field ticketing and invoicing automation.

The Benefit of a DSO Reduction Calculator

Iliad Field e-Ticketing and e-Invoicing provides real value over traditional manual field ticketing and invoicing processes. Using our ROI and DSO reduction calculator, we are able to work with our clients to show potential savings.

Let us perform a custom ROI and DSO reduction calculation taking into account all variables that are unique to your company. Knowing the right numbers will allow us to implement a solution that is tailored to your business’ needs.

Aristotle's Alexander product
Iliad is a product of Aristotle’s Alexander. Iliad Field e-Ticketing and e-Invoicing is our first procure-to-pay solution that is helping our clients reduce DSO, collect money faster, reduce cost of capital, and meet customer requirements. Companies who have implemented our Field e-Ticketing and e-Invoicing solution are realizing a distinct advantage over the competition and significant annual cost savings.

Aristotle’s Alexander Iliad e-Invoicing solution offers B2B and P2P integration for many gateways including Oildex, Cortex,  Ariba, ADP, Hubwoo, and more. We are a fully equipped team that handles the business process analysis, blueprinting, integration, and continued support once your project has been completed. We can customize a solution for any processing protocol or technology requirement. This ensures timely delivery, approval, and payment of invoices. From document types, to specialized business processes, we have the knowledge and capacity to build a perfect b2b solution for you.

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