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Want to get paid faster and prevent revenue loss?

Benefits of eInvoicing Field eTicketing Solutions


  • Delivers more efficient operations
  • Provides visibility into processes
  • Real-time KPI’s into business


  • Accelerates billing & payments
  • Improves cash-flow
  • Reduces cost of capital and DSO


  • On-premise or SaaS cloud hosted
  • Integrates to any ERP
  • Available on/offline


  • Improved visibility into resources
  • Reduce revenue leakage/lost tickets
  • Eliminates redundant data entry

Field Personnel

  • Quick and intuitive interface
  • Streamlines ticketing process
  • Less time processing paperwork


  • Documents job quality
  • Tracks potential hazards
  • Improves customer satisfaction

Field eTicketing

Business Challenge
Oil and Gas Service companies are challenged with the inefficiencies of paper based field tickets in their operations. Illegible or incomplete tickets, incorrect bill rates, lost paper copies, and data entry errors lead to processing delays and increased invoice disputes. Lengthy Days Sales Outstanding (DSO), sometimes as high as 120+ days, places cash-flow strains on businesses and increases the cost of capital.

Business Solution
Iliad Field eTicketing provides a solution to address these business challenges through automation, data validation, mobile tools, and cloud technologies; moving the entire process real-time online. Operations creates job tickets integrated with customer, inventory, pricing, and personnel information from any accounting or ERP. eTickets are dispatched electronically to crews in the field. Outfitted with mobile devices, field personnel update (or create new) contract compliant tickets that capture required signatures and stamps electronically. Misplaced, illegible and incomplete tickets are replaced with a solution that provides accuracy and accountability.


Business Challenge
Current invoicing processes involve manual keying of field ticket data into backend ERP systems, then re-keying into customer portals. This process requires many employees and multiple entry points, increasing invoice disputes, errors, and DSO.

Business Solution
With Iliad eInvoicing, tickets that are entered into the customer’s backend ERP are automatically validated and invoices are created according to each customer’s portal requirements, then automatically uploaded to the corresponding portal.

When combined with Field eTicketing, tickets are automatically uploaded and entered into the backend ERP system. All job costs (billable hours, travel, equipment, materials and labor) are posted to the ticket and ultimately the customer invoice. DSO is reduced, invoice disputes are minimized, and payments are received quicker.

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  • Create electronic field tickets through back-office or out in field
  • Receive POs, SOs, invoices responses, and advanced shipment notifications
  • Convert paper based forms into electronic version for improved accuracy
  • Pull customers, inventory, equipment, personnel, and pricing from accounting or any ERP to automatically create invoices
  • Process ACH payments
  • Immediately deliver tickets to crews in the field via smart devices
  • Field personnel can create contract-compliant, accurate field tickets remotely
  • Capture Customer signatures and stamps electronically. Customers can view, notate, email, approve or reject a field ticket using any device
  • Attach job documents such as stamped copies, Job Reports, JSA & safety forms, and photos
  • Invoices are automatically uploaded to corresponding portal along with supporting documentation
  • Ticket status notification on changes
  • Email or text daily list of tickets requiring approval
  • Notify accounting when a ticket is ready to be invoiced
  • Integrates with Accounting & ERP software
  • Manage/approve invoice according to portal specifications

Cost Reduction Datasheet

Our Cost Reduction Strategy PDF gives specific details into how much you could save by implementing our solutions.